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June 2024 Trainings!
Please note: registration for Barrington RI will redirect you to our home studio, Kindred Roots

Created by Amy Battersby, MS, LMHC, CTSC, RYT, TPYG is a copyrighted group treatment-model for people who have experienced trauma.
TPYG addresses healing in five research-driven ways: 
  1. Movement
  2. Structure and routine
  3. Social Connections
  4. Kind, compassionate, soothing words
  5. Expression
TPYG has four levels, each building on the lessons of the one prior.
TPYG offers significant decrease in symptoms caused by traumatic experiences, and addresses the neurological, physiological and emotional changes that result from adverse experiences in a way that is let by the survivor.
TPYG participants don't just get better, they thrive.
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