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Founder and Director   

Amy Battersby, LMHC, CTSC, RYT created the TPYG modules in 2011, after growing increasingly frustrated that her clients were not able to access the kinds of healing necessary for overcoming the impacts of their traumas. Believing whole-heartedly that anyone could heal when provided the tools that fit for them, Amy developed a protocol that would allow choice, connection, education and movement to all participants. Amy continues to be humbled by the incredible progress participants make who utilize this model, as well as by the joy  that it brings to the amazing group of clinicians and yoga teacher TPYG teams dedicated to healing and hope. 

Assistant Director 

Rebecca Midler, LMHC was trained in TPYG in 2012. With a history as a professional dancer and choreographer, Becky was well aware of the connection of body-mind-spirit and was seeking a treatment model that would heal all. Since her training 8 years ago, Becky has led 100s of groups as both a clinician and yoga/movement instructor. Becky is an integral part of the training and consultation team at TPYG and is committed to bringing this healing modality to marginalized communities in a time that the world needs it more than ever. 

TPYG in the media

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Erie News Now: The Crime Victim Center is processing trauma through yoga
Erie News Now: Processing trauma through yoga
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